Movers Discuss the Most Common Reasons for People to Move

Every day, there are hundreds of people in America that move to a new residence. A recent US Census shows us that, between 2012 and 2013 alone, 35.9 million people over the age of 1 year moved to a new residence. That’s 11.7 percent of the population that relocated over the course of a year. The reasons for these decisions to move all vary across the board.

Buying a New Home

One of the top reasons for many people to relocate is because they’ve decided to buy a new house. For obvious reasons, they do not need to remain at their current residence once they’ve purchased a new one. The second most popular reason for people to move is due to a change in their relationship status. When people get engaged, or married, they will usually decide to move in together. They either stay in one partner’s residence, or they both uproot and choose a new home together. In either instance, they are relocating. A similar effect happens when two people break up or get a divorce altogether. Either one partner leaves the house, or the house is sold and they both move away.

Changing Jobs

Cheap Chicago Movers (movers Chicago IL) say the next most common reason to change homes is a job change. It’s not uncommon for people to choose a new job with better pay that happens to be in another city. Commuting is terrible for some, and it tends to be much easier to move closer to the job than drive an extended period every day. Sometimes, people simply need a change of scenery, which drives them to relocate. They’ll choose a new home to simply refresh themselves and start over in a new place. Financial hardships can be grounds for relocating. Oftentimes, keeping up with a mortgage or rent becomes too pricey, and people are forced to downsize, or simply move to a less expensive area. When finances come into play, a lot of compromises and sacrifices tend to be made.

Change in Life Stage

Age is often a deciding factor in relocation. The most common thought in regards to age and moving is the teen who’s finally old enough to move out. They leave the nest and find their own place to live. The other half of this coin is when seniors are at a point where they need live-in care or supervision, and their children either move them to a retirement home, or move them into their child’s home.

Upgrading Real Estate

A final reason for moving is another obvious one: upgrading. In some cases, people finally gain the finances to move into the home they’ve been dreaming of for years. In other cases, a family is simply expanding, which calls for a much larger home and more space.

For some, it’s a conscious move towards a higher status and a better appeal. For others, it’s simply a necessary step towards improving their lives. In any regard, moving is a very large aspect of the American lifestyle, and it will likely remain that way for a long time.