Moving Van VS Professional Movers

Which would you prefer: a team of movers carrying your things on their schedule, or you moving everything yourself and operating on your own time? This is a common debate many homeowners have with themselves when preparing to move to a new location. It’s a difficult decision to make, so here are some pros and cons to both sides of the coin.

Renting a Moving Van

Pro – When you rent a moving van for your move, you control the timeline you’re under. Once you’ve picked up your van, you decide how quickly or slowly you load your boxes. You aren’t constrained or rushed by a team of movers; you can move at your own pace.

Con – Logistically, you’re obligated to pick up and return the van on a certain day. And you have less help to load/unload your things, to ensure you get the van back at a decent time. You’re responsible for packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking. You, of course, can put your family members to work, but that’s the extent of your moving team.

Pro – The expenses, overall, for renting a van are much less than that of a moving team. You pay upfront for the time you plan to be using the van and a flat price for the size of your van.

Con – Occasionally, companies will apply additional charges for holding the van longer than the intended time span or how far the van was driven (charge per mile), and things of this nature. If you aren’t careful, the additional charges can add up quickly.

Hiring Professional Movers

Pro – You have less responsibility when working with a team of professional movers. While they are packing and loading your belongings, you have time to focus elsewhere, such as arranging a sitter for your kids or pets for the day of the move, and ensuring things are set up at your new home.

Con – Professional movers come at a price, and usually a very high one. Movers will often charge by the hour; this encompasses the time to load your belongings, drive to your new home, and unload your belongings. That is a time consuming process, and that hourly rate will add up quickly.

Pro – No heavy lifting is required of you. You can sit back while the movers handle all the manual labor. After all, that’s what they’re getting paid for, right?

Con – With moving companies, you’re risking being ripped off. Scams happen very often in this industry, so you have to be extremely careful as far as who you hire and how your agreements are drawn out. If you need to find a trusted and reliable long distance moving company, check out Great Guys ( to get cheaper options.