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Mystery Bookstore is that local gem of a bookstore that you just know and love. It's a special place where you know the other patrons as well as the staff. It's that place that provokes idea and conversation. It's, well, a lot like home. And a lot like school, and a lot like all of these special places combined into one beautiful bookstore.

We recently opened up our doors for business after moving from our previous South Austin location. A huge thank you to Apple Moving for their support during our difficult relocation. Please come visit us at our new location for coffee, conversation, and great reads!


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Interested in stopping by for one of our readings? Just want to check-out the shop and see what the buzz is about? Drop us a message to find out what's going on this week.

Book of the Month Club

January 2016: Catching the Great Ride - Norm Tidwell

This month's book of the month "Catching the Great Ride" - By Norm Tidwell. It is a special edition from our 80's goodie bag of great old reads. It will contrast nicely to the Norwegian crime novel we featured last month. Catching the Great Ride is a non-fiction account of a man who moved across the country in search of love. After packing up his entire life into a few measly boxes, he contacted long distance moving companies and embarked on a move all the way from a small town in Kansas to New York City. A man is faced with overwhelming grief from leaving friends and family behind and is destined to move to a new town and make it on his own. Against the odds, this man moved across the country on his own and battled internal and external struggles along the way.

June 2016: The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up - Marie Kondo

Our June book of the month comes at the perfect time, as people start contemplating the dreaded summer moving season. In this self-help book of sorts, professional organizer, Marie Kondo, guides readers through the process of decluttering their homes, and in the process, their minds and souls too. Before you know it, you'll be shedding the weight of all those excess boxes of ill-fitting clothes and worn out momentos you've been toting around for the last 10 years. Less clutter means less to move if you find yourself relocating this summer. Find out why moving companies nationwide are shuddering at the mere mention of this New York Times Best Seller!

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