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Mystery Bookstore is that local gem of a bookstore that you just know and love. It's a special place where you know the other patrons as well as the staff. It's that place that provokes idea and conversation. It's, well, a lot like home. And a lot like school, and a lot like all of these special places combined into one beautiful bookstore.

We recently opened up our doors for business after moving from our previous South Austin location. A huge thank you to Apple Moving for their support during our difficult relocation. Please come visit us at our new location for coffee, conversation, and great reads!


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Book of the Month Club

January 2016: Catching the Great Ride - Norm Tidwell

This month's book of the month "Catching the Great Ride" - By Norm Tidwell. It is a special edition from our 80's goodie bag of great old reads. It will contrast nicely to the Norwegian crime novel we featured last month. Catching the Great Ride is a non-fiction account of a man who moved across the country in search of love. After packing up his entire life into a few measly boxes, he contacted long distance moving companies and embarked on a move all the way from a small town in Kansas to New York City. A man is faced with overwhelming grief from leaving friends and family behind and is destined to move to a new town and make it on his own. Against the odds, this man moved across the country on his own and battled internal and external struggles along the way.

June 2016: The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up - Marie Kondo

Our June book of the month comes at the perfect time, as people start contemplating the dreaded summer moving season. In this self-help book of sorts, professional organizer, Marie Kondo, guides readers through the process of decluttering their homes, and in the process, their minds and souls too. Before you know it, you'll be shedding the weight of all those excess boxes of ill-fitting clothes and worn out momentos you've been toting around for the last 10 years. Less clutter means less to move if you find yourself relocating this summer. Find out why moving companies nationwide are shuddering at the mere mention of this New York Times Best Seller!

August 2016: All About the Big Apple

There’s a reason New York City consistently makes the list for top travel destinations: it has a world class food scene, entertainment at every turn, and loads of culture. Romanticized in a number of films and novels, the City That Never Sleeps has something for every traveler. Summer might be winding down, but there are still enough weekends left to book some last minute travel to this iconic destination, or at least read our August Book(s) of the Month, which are themed around, yes you guessed it, The Big Apple:

  • The Catcher in the Rye: A required reading in many high school English classes, J.D. Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye, centers on a young character named Holden Caulfield. A teenager from an upper class background, Holden is raised in Manhattan, but sent away to boarding school by distant, unfeeling parents. He finds himself constantly in trouble, a symptom of a broken heart that remains unhealed after the loss of his beloved younger brother and emotional abandonment by his parents. In the novel, Holden spends a long weekend touring around New York City alone, visiting a number of sites that are still popular among contemporary travelers. Though this novel speaks a bigger message about the human condition, it’s also a fun read purely for the descriptions of famous New York landmarks.
  • The Great Gatsby: This classic novel centers around a young man named Nick, who moves to New York City to pursue a career in the bond business. Nick thinks he’s moving to a place of great opportunity, but after falling in with dishonest and money-hungry crowd which centers around the larger-than-life Gatsby, he comes away disillusioned to the idea of the American dream. Cheap Movers NYC, one of the best NYC companies for relocation services, named The Great Gatsby a must-read for anyone moving to NYC.
  • Humans of New York: Stories: Photographer Brandon Stanton began an ambitious project in 2010, to start taking photographs of as many New York City residents as possible. What began as a modest blog showing portraits of everyday New Yorkers, became a huge success, eventually morphing into a full-fledged, best-selling book. The Humans of New York: Stories, offers a fascinating look at the many colorful faces and stories of New Yorkers that Stanton has encountered over the years. Business Insider named this book as one of its top 9 picks you should read before moving to New York. We think you’ll like it even if you aren’t planning to call Manhattan home.

October 2016: Learning to be a Home Chef

Last month, after reading a raving Blue Apron review, we decided to give the meal delivery service a go. Now we’re hooked. Not only do we get to skip sitting in the Mopac gridlock to get to the grocery store, but Blue Apron has also inspired us to start eating fresh and healthy again with innovative recipes and dummy-proof directions. On days we don’t have a pre-planned meal, we love flipping through the predecessor to glossy step-by-step recipe cards and online cooking videos, The Joy of Cooking. This delightful cookbook has graced the kitchens of American homes since 1931, teaching amateur chefs the basic and finer points of cooking. Arguably one of the cookbooks ever written, it was penned by Irma Rombauer, a grieving homemaker in St. Louis who pursued her passion for cooking after her husband committed suicide. Rombauer’s unique, witty voice makes her relatable and lovable, as she teaches readers everything from how to properly separate eggs to how to whip up perfect, fluffy buttermilk pancakes. It was buried in the pages of The Joy of Cooking that famed American chef Julia Child got her start, learning the fundamentals of a hobby that would later propel her to renown. If The Joy of Cooking isn’t yet a part of your cooking library, it’s well worth the investment.

January 2017: Best Books to Explain Life in DC

In honor of last week’s Inaugural events, we’ve put together a list of our favorite books that explain what life is like in DC. Our Nation’s Capital is historical, fast-paced, and often cut-throat, but one thing is for sure, there’s always something happening. Whether you just arrived in DC, you’re planning a visit, or you’ve lived there for years, these books are loaded with tons of valuable survival information for living in America's Capital.

Newcomer's Handbook for Moving to and Living in Washington, DC Including Northern Virginia and Suburban Maryland

This book contains helpful information from child care to education to cultural life and sites to explore. This new edition is full of updated area photos and moving help. It also has chapters dedicated to “Getting Settled” and “Places to Worship”. Top tip for those moving to the area? You don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to get great professional moving services.

Georgia Irvin's Guide to Schools: Metropolitan Washington, Independent and Public / Pre-K – 12

Obtaining a quality education doesn’t always mean paying the price for it. Georgia Irvin is a knowledgeable educational consultant who will help you identify your child’s learning style then provide information about the best schools to meet their needs.

Top 10 Washington, D.C. (DK Eyewitness Top 10 Travel Guide)

Have you ever been asked, “What do you want to do today?” In this book Ron Burke provides the answers to that very question by identifying the top 10 places for the following DC topics and more:

  • Fun places for families, festivals, museums and events
  • Best restaurants, shops, malls and markets
  • Insider tips for visitors

Frommer's EasyGuide to Washington, D.C. 2017

This easy guide from Frommer's contains maps of the city, the underground train system and attraction reviews detailed enough to let you know, based on your likes, if they are something you will enjoy or should pass by. You’ll even find self-guided walking tours of the more intriguing neighborhoods.

Not for Tourists-Guide to Washington DC, 2010

This guidebook helps you make the most out of your time while you are in the city. It is a map-based guide marked with user-friendly icons showing everything from post offices to gyms and includes information on hotels, public transportation, parks and much more.

Now you are ready to start your adventure. These books are among the best at helping you get acquainted with DC and become as knowledgeable as the seasoned residents of this beautiful city. Thanks to Cheap Movers DC for helping us put together this collection of great books. If you're moving to or from the DC area, you can trust CM DC for great moving services at affordable rates.
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